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These tree felling wedges will be invaluable pieces of equipment for everyone engaged in professional forestry or arborist work. Created by top brands such as Stihl and Husqvarna, they come in all of the shapes, sizes and materials that you need to fell trees safely and efficiently.

Felling wedges make cutting sharply and precisely into a tree trunk much easier, and ensure that you can control the direction in which a tree falls. The wedge is inserted into the initial cut made in a tree's trunk and then hit with a tool such as a hammer or an impact bar to complete a clean cut right through the trunk. The thin end of the wedge maximises the force of the blow, and the presence of the wedge means that you will not get your axe, bar, felling hammer, or other felling tool embedded in the trunk of the tree.

Whether you prefer a plastic wedge or a wedge made from robust aluminium, you will be able to find the material of your choice in this wide ranging selection of tree felling wedges for sale. We also have plenty of different sizes of felling wedges for sale, so whether you need some ultra small and thin plastic wedges for tree felling or something longer wider (say, 25-26 cm) for dealing with thicker trunks, we will have exactly what you need.

Getting the best felling wedges for the job is so important, so it is a good idea to put together a kit consisting of various different wedges for felling trees so that you can simply select the right wedge for any given project.

As well as wedges for tree felling, we also provide splitting and cleaving wedges which can be used for splitting up logs and cutting in to branches are required. Some of these wedges are dual purpose (i.e. they can be used both for felling and for splitting), whilst others are specialised wedges designed specifically for cleaving or splitting only. Several of them have additional adaptations, such as serrated edges or the ability to rotate within the trunk or branch of a tree to make certain arborist jobs even easier.