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Shredders, either petrol or electric, are a vital tool in any gardener's armoury; a simple and convenient way to break garden waste such as leaves, foliage and small branches down to more convenient size. A good shredder can save hours of back-breaking labour, make more efficient use of garden waste and greatly increase the length of time it takes to fill the garden waste bin. Shredded waste is easier to compost, and can often be used as a mulch on the garden.

Here at Radmore and Tucker we're pleased to offer a range of shredders to process garden waste which are suitable for gardens of any size. These range from smaller shredders, ideal for dealing with waste such as leaves and small branches, all the way up to shredders which can handle branches of up to 45mm diameter. Our shredders are all characterised by their reliability and ease of use, and will give years of service. Dealing only in quality brands means that we can be certain that a shredder bought from us will satisfy your requirements.

Our range of shredders from great brands such as Viking and Makita are electric, and are all selected by us for their combination of efficiency and ease of use. All with powerful motors and reliable cutting mechanisms, they will make short work of the vast majority of day to day garden waste. With features including high degrees of portability, multi-cut blade systems, self-feeding and automatic blockage ejection, these shredders usability makes them suitable for any gardener.

For larger gardens we can supply shredders with waste capacities of up to 67L, and compaction systems to make the most of that space. Tidying up the garden becomes a breeze when you're able to deal with waste with such a minimum of fuss.

Our shredders are guaranteed to be the most keenly priced in the UK, we deal direct with suppliers rather than via middlemen, so are able to offer the best prices to you, the customer, and we're more than happy to advise on whichever product might be right for you. With that combination of price, efficiency and our renowned customer support there really is no need to look anywhere else for your garden shredder.