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We have a range of Power Scythes suitable for cutting vast land of overgrown grass, weeds, bracken, nettles, gorse, reeds, brambles, and other types of vegetation. Manufactured by our trusted partners, the Crusaders will give you a smooth experience when cutting up to a 100cm and more of grass in your paddock or meadow. They have two handles, enabling you to push the machine forward and reverse quickly. The blades are designed with heavy duty teeth suitable for long-term use for a large farm and a business. The blades are also adjustable to fit your desired level of vegetation. Our Power Scythes come with sturdy Honda engines which are durable and provide efficient use of petrol.

Two-wheeled tractors – These are tractors that are used to carry out different activities in the farms for homeowners and businesses that do landscaping. Whether you need to harvest crops, cut grass, or till land your land in preparation for the planting season, the two-wheel tractors can have an extra attachment to suit your needs. The handlebars can rotate in different directions and can be adjusted to fit your height and comfort. With different models available, you can choose one that uses petrol or diesel.

Implements are extra tools that attached to the two-wheeled tractors to carry out specific functions. Here are some of the implements available for you:
A rotavator attachment is used to till the land to prepare it for planting season. It mixes the soil and can be used to prepare seed beds. Due to its heavy duty blades, it can be used even in demanding lands and can dig up to 23 cm deep. It performs the same function as tillers and cultivators.
A Ridger, on the other hand, is used to turn the soil in the opposite direction to create rows.
Harrows are used to break chunks of soil to make them smooth for covering the seeds. A harrow can also be used to remove weeds in the farm. It is available in two sizes for use with the two-wheeled tractors.
Stone burier – just like the name, it buries stones and brings the soil on top. Can be used to prepare seed beds, renovate sports grounds, and even landscapes.
Our Power Scythes and Two-wheeled Tractors have three years warranty for domestic use and two years for commercial use. With our vast number of distribution channels, we can deliver your next set of Power Scythes and Two wheeled tractors right to your doorstep.