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Our earth augers make even heavy duty earth penetration jobs extremely easy. Cut into even very hard hard ground as quickly as can be, just like slicing a knife through butter, using these ergonomic and affordable hand held augers. The products in this range are suitable for professional construction workers and everyday gardeners alike.

Our earth auger drill collection is composed of products from the best brands in the business. One great example is the power tool company Stihl, which has been producing excellent tools for garden, DIY, and maintenance jobs for over eight decades. Perhaps you are seeking an auger for precise soil sampling as part of a preliminary research project prior to performing some construction work. Or maybe, you are seeking a hand earth auger which can double up as a wood drill? No matter what your needs, our brilliant earth auger machine collection will have plenty of products that will catch your attention.

It is always a good idea to have a few spare drill bits for your electric earth auger ready to hand so that you can replace them whenever this is required. We have an excellent selection of drills for one man earth auger tools available here at Radmore and Tucker, and so you can simply choose the drill bit that best suits your project, and your auger's make and model.

Another reason why it is a good idea to have several different drill bits for your earth auger to hand is so that you can choose the right bit for the job. Some drill bits are perfect for soil sampling, whilst others are great for heavy duty drilling work, some will drill 12 cm diameter holes whilst others will give you holes of just 8 cm in diameter. Other drill bits are better for working with wood, and some can even be used with metal.

Most earth augers are fuelled with petrol rather than diesel. Thus, another 'accessory' that you can stock up on as you shop for auger tools is fuel for your petrol earth auger. A little standard engine oil or lubricant can also be very useful for ensuring that it continues to run smoothly.