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We stock a range of cordless (battery), corded electric and petrol-powered hedge trimmers. Our trimmers are suitable for low and high hedges and for ground cover too. Whether for domestic or commercial use, we have a machine that will suit your needs. Our machines are fitted with dual handle safety interlocks, to prevent single handed use.

We have a broad range of electric hedge trimmers, suitable for a variety of purposes. Our machines have cutting blades from 45 cm for decorative topiary to 75cm blades for general trimming. Electric hedge trimmers are lighter, quieter, and less polluting than petrol machines. They are also less powerful. These trimmers are ideal for vertical and horizontal trimming, and with double-sided cutting blades can cut in both directions.

When a powerful machine is needed, petrol-powered machines are superior to electric machines. Available in environmental 2-mix 2-stroke and 4-stroke varieties. Our machines have long 100cm blades for hedge trimming, and for topiary and decorative hedges, short 40 cm blades. We stock machines with single or double-sided cutting action. These petrol driven machines although more powerful, are heavier, louder, and more polluting than electric trimmers.

For hard to reach high hedges, we stock several long reach hedge trimmers. Available in 2-stroke and 4-stroke petrol, or electric powered machines. Long reach trimmers come with an adjustable cutting blade, with up to 145 degrees of rotational adjustment. This allows the trimmers to be used in a comfortable position. For ease of transport, some of the machines allow the cutting blade to be folded 180 degrees back along the pole. We have machines with a reach of up to 2.5 metres. Our long reach hedge trimmers come with double-action cutting blades, providing clean cuts in both directions.

We also carry a range of accessories for our hedge trimmers, helping your machine last longer, or making your job easier. To protect the end of the cutting blade, we can supply tip protectors, suitable for several machines. We also stock blade guards to protect the cutting surface of these valuable gardening and landscaping tools. For certain machines we can supply a conversion kit for adjustable blade positioning. An ideal kit for re-positioning the cutting blades to compensate for wear and tear. To enable easier trimming, we can supply catcher plates, for the off-cuts. These plates are suitable for several of our machines.