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Climbing trees can be dangerous work if you don't have the right equipment. It's not just tree removal and landscaping professionals that have to be able to safely scale tall trees either— electricians, telecommunications technicians, and even general contractors often find that the only way to access power lines, cables, and more is by taking the tree to the top. Fortunately, instead of having to improvise with other tools, our affordable arborist kits include everything you need to make it up even the most difficult trees and then back down again safely.

There are various different levels of tree climbing kits, each with their own set of tools. Here are the basic items that are included in each of the tree climbing kits we have in stock.

The TH5000 tree climber's harness brings together safety and comfort. With its padded back and leg loops, arborists can work for hours pruning and performing other tasks without experiencing any cramping or discomfort. There are quick-release buckles for the legs and the waist, two sliding rings on the bridge for attaching tools, and two additional side attachments for the flip line. The harness webbing can be adjusted in order to find a better center of gravity. The bridge can also be replaced for a more comfortable, personalised fit.

The flip line that comes with these tree climbing kits is 3 meters long. It is also corded for extra durability and resistance. A swivel karabiner and a 20cm cut away are also included.

Depending on which option you choose, your tree climbing kit may also include 50 meters of throw line w/ throw weight, 1 meter cambium saver w/ aluminium rings for threading the rope through easily, 4 karabiners (2 oval and 2 Hemi Spherical) made from industrial grade metal, 2 tool strops (bungee strop for chainsaw in addition to a standard tool strop), first aid kit for arborists, warning signs, fixed cheek pulley w/ 80cm hitch, all contained in a bright orange carrying bag (70 litre volume)

From full time tree care professionals to general contractors who need the basics when it's time to climb different types of trees, we've got your needs covered with our wide selection of tree climbing kits.