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We carry the best climbing accessories from the leading brands in this field. Whether you need reliable and sophisticated rope climbing accessories for your rock climbing adventures or straightforward tree climbing accessories to exercise in your own backyard, you will find what you need right here. Look around for our best picks and feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or special requests.

When you go climbing, you want to push yourself to the limit… but that doesn't mean you should compromise when the time comes to take risks! That's why it's so important to adequately plan and prepare your climbing excursions, to ensure at the end of the day you come back home safely with a worn out body and recharged spirit.

There’s a simple reason why we’re so confident in our selection of climbing accessories, and it all boils down to passion. We too cherish the great outdoors and enjoy spending time up on the mountains; we too see only a challenge and a road to be found no matter how towering and impressive a stack of rocks may look like. We know that rock climbing is much more than just getting up there somehow:

It’s all about the trill that comes from pushing ourselves to the limit in body and mind, knowing the scenery waiting on top is merely the cherry on top of the proverbial rock, while the true climbing takes place within.

Rock climbing can be a very spiritual experience, but that doesn’t mean one should neglect physical security. That’s why we carefully picked every item in this selection, making sure to only offer tried and true products from brands with a solid reputation. When a piece of rope is all that braces climbers and keeps them from plunging into the abyss, that equipment must be more than adequate – it must be flawless.

Price and value don’t always go hand in hand, so the best equipment isn’t always the most expensive. You may be surprised to notice how our prices are so competitive, but that comes naturally since we put great effort in carrying only the most cost effective and valuable rock climbing accessories from leading brands like Treehog, Husqvarna and Stein.

We also offer fast delivery throughout the UK Mainland, since we realise most of our clients need their climbing equipment as soon as possible.