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Work gloves should be chosen with the same care as other specialist clothing and safety equipment essential to the workplace, such as high-visibility jackets, safety helmets and heavy-duty boots. Generally, specialty gloves are required to protect the hands from extreme weather, corrosive chemicals, fire, electric shock and abrasion. It is essential that the gloves be suited to the task for which they are being chosen and that they fit the wearer perfectly. For this reason, specialty gloves are not normally interchangeable between workers.

Waterproof cold weather work gloves, made of rubber or leather and lined with cotton, facilitate site builders, protecting the hands while enabling the builder to undertake a variety of tasks; mixing mortar, planing wood and laying bricks. Professional builders usually own their specialty gloves, and care for and clean them accordingly. However, a site manager who hires a number of migrant workers for a one off, labour intensive task will find cheap work gloves bulk-bought, very useful. Often made of biodegradable materials, these gloves can be discarded when the task is complete.

Thin work gloves with grip are ideal for craft workers performing skilled tasks, like glazing and carpentry. These gloves are usually made of a fine material, like chamois leather, which allows the skin to breathe and enables a high degree of manipulation. Rubber palm work gloves are designed for tasks that involve the handling of heavy items, such as putting scaffolding into place. These gloves are also useful to riggers, boat handlers and agricultural workers. It is essential that the gloves fit perfectly to guard against accidents caused by slippage.

Production workers engaged in intricate tasks wear latex work gloves to protect the hands against chemicals and abrasion. Kitchen workers and gardeners also find them useful. High quality leather work gloves are worn by long-distance drivers, welders, blacksmiths, glass cutters, and personnel that are constant risk from extreme heat and abrasion. Insulated rubber work gloves protect electrical engineers and personnel working with low voltage equipment from shock and injury. These gloves are often combined with a cotton underlining for comfort and facilitating dexterity, while the colour-graded outer skin of the glove usually has flame retardant qualities.

Overall, the higher the quality of the specialty glove material, the longer the item will last. To ensure maximum efficiency and to guard against workplace accidents, wearers should ensure that the glove exterior is clean before every use.