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At Radmore & Tucker we supply parts and accessories for Automowers® and robotic lawn mowers so you can get the most out of your purchase and keep them in tip top condition.

We believe that Automowers® are the future of grass maintenance. The technology reduces the effort required to keep your lawn in great condition and the results are exceptional. You do get everything you need to run a robotic mower straight out of the box, however we sell some must have accessories for installation, ease of use and ongoing maintenance:

  • Automower® Installation Kits

Robotic mower installation kits are used to make an invisible boundary that the mower can sense and will not cross over. We recommend that customers who buy an Automower® have the boundary installed by one of our professional installers, because it is critical that your installation kit is setup correctly. If you do want to install your boundary yourself, be certain you purchase the correct installation kit with enough loop wire and staples.

  • Robotic Mower Housings

Automower® housings protect the mower and charging station from the weather, extending the service life of your mower.

  • Robotic Mower All Terrain Tyres

In some environments the terrain can be challenging for a robotic mower. You can equip your mower with an alternative set of wheels and brushes that improves traction. The rough terrain kits usually mean your mower can operate on a slope that is 5% more inclined. It does however depend on the weather and lawn condition at the time.

  • Robotic Mower Lights and Replaceable Tops

We supply Automower® replacement top covers, so that you can give your robotic mower an extra touch of individuality and style. Some models can also have LED head lights fitted that allows you to see the mower work even in the dark. The LED lights also display error states.

If you need help selecting the right Automower® accessories, get in touch and one of our specialists we will be happy to help you.