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When it comes to garden tiller parts and accessories, most people are usually looking for digging tines in order to help them loosen the soil for a new, or an existing vegetable or flower garden. Tilling the soil helps to keep your plants from struggling through a compacted root zone which allows for better root growth, and for air to be available to the roots. Tilling also helps to weed the garden as it will destroy the roots of any established weeds that are tilled over, and can break up the homes of some nasty insects.

If your lawn is starting to take over any area that you need to be cleared for growing, or just want to have distinct boundaries in your garden than our border edger power tiller accessories will get the job done. Clean lines for edging can make a huge difference in the look of any area.

If it is aeration you need to help grow a vigorous lawn, we have tiller accessories for that too. Aeration will help air, water, and nutrients to enter deeper into the soil allowing the roots of your grassy areas to grow stronger and deeper for better overall growth.

Another popular and important maintenance tool that we carry for your lawn is the de-thatcher. Over time a layer of thatch (mostly dead grass and roots) can build up between the surface of the soil and your grass, while it is fine, and perfectly healthy to have a little thatch, when it builds up for too long it can lead to large patches where the grass has a hard time growing, this can lead to yellowing or bare patches in your garden.

It doesn’t matter if you need to use your tiller to cut a new edge for your flower beds, to aerate or de-thatch your lawn, or loosen the soil for a new or existing vegetable garden, Radmore and Tucker have you covered. We offer one of the largest selections of garden machinery in the U.K. from only the highest rated brands. This assures that you, the customer, will receive a product that will work for you no matter the job you need to be done from a company that you can trust.