Silky Folding Saws

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Our silky folding saw collection caters for all types of pruning work. These versatile tools can even be used for woodworking or on camping trips. With strong, reliable blades that fold safely out of the way when not in use, a Silky saw is an ideal addition to the tool kit of any gardener or forestry worker. Compact and lightweight, they can easily be carried in work belts and pouches, which is particularly advantageous when working at height. Spare blades are available to ensure a Silky saw will provide years of excellent service.

In sizes ranging from 170mm to 360mm, there is a mirror polished blade length to suit every pruning job. Cutting power ranges from 6.5 teeth to 7.5 teeth per 30mm. A handy model for the amateur gardener has a blade length of 180mm which is large enough to meet a variety of pruning requirements within the home garden. Strong yet lightweight and versatile, it deals efficiently with any tree work and is also handy when camping.

A useful feature of all Silky saws is being able to place the blade at two different angles which greatly assists when pruning branches which are in awkward to reach positions. One of the best selling Silky saws has a slightly longer 210mm blade that can quickly cut through stubborn branches with ease. It also has a replaceable blade. The most compact saw is just 170mm in length with 8 or 10 teeth per 30mm. Lightweight and versatile for woodworking as well as a multitude of pruning tasks, when folded it fits inside a convenient carrying case. Professional gardeners will appreciate the longer 360mm length of the largest model in the Silky saw collection. With 6.5 teeth per 30mm the blade, which is taper ground, quickly tackles every type of arboreal work from heavy duty forestry to fruit tree pruning.

All the Silky saw models feature comfortable handles. The popular 180mm length version has a handle which is manufactured from fibre glass polypropylene and is inset with rubber to provide a good grip. Other models have lightweight aluminium and rubber handles. The longest 360mm version has a much sturdier aluminium and rubber handle to ensure an excellent safe grip while working with much larger branches. A Silky folding saw combines strength and reliability in a compact form to tackle a variety of pruning jobs safely and easily.