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Garden strimmers, trimmers and brush cutters use strong and flexible coils of thin and sharp plastic lines, rather than metal blades, to neatly and gently cut grass and other vegetation. Here at Radmore & Tucker,we offer a wide range of strimmer lines, in a variety of brands, prices, colours, thicknesses, and lengths.

As you will no doubt be aware, garden strimmers, trimmers and brush cutters vary in size and type, so the dimensions and specifications of the strimmer lines they use vary too. If you need a replacement for a heavy duty garden strimmer line then you have choices of lines up to 3.3 millimetres thick, and 280 metres in length. Or, if you want something a lot lighter, then you could go for lines of 1.6 millimetres thickness and 15 metres in length. We stock strimmer line replacements for all combinations of lengths and thicknesses in between.

For the enthusiastic amateur, we carry the whole range of polyamide plastic Stihl Strimmer lines. But don’t worry if you are a professional, there are also the Oregon Nylium Starline strimmer lines, made from reinforced nylon for added cutting power. All of the strimmer lines have added features such as aluminium particle additives, or five sided profiles, to make them much more durable, resistant to abrasions, melt-proof, and break-proof.

Prices increase on a sliding scale depending on thickness and length, but you rest assured that we have a range to suit all budgets. And, if colour co-ordination is your thing, then all the standard colours are available: green, yellow, red, blue and black.