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Whatever machinery your using, whether it's in your own garden or for your horticultural business, you can be sure that Radmore and Tucker have your needs covered when it comes to a full range of high quality 2 stroke engine oil. From chainsaws, to hedge trimmers, brush cutters, lawnmowers and beyond, Radmore and Tucker's wide variety of high grade 2 stroke oil is hard to beat. Radmore and Tucker sell the best 2 stroke engine oil in a variety of sizes, from 100ml up to 5 litre size, and in both fully and semi synthetic formulations.

We also provide 2 stroke oils and related products across a range of prices to suit any budget. Stihl 2 stroke engine oil is one of the most widely used products for mixture lubricated engines, with a mineral base and 50:1 ratio. We also stock Stihl Super 2 stroke oil, a part synthetic 2 stroke oil with low ash additive for clean smoke burning. Stihl's range also includes the Stihl Ultra 2 stroke oil, a fully synthetic 2 stroke motor oil which burns with an extremely low residue due to ash free additives. For combatting problems that can arise with using some cheaper fuels, Husqvarna offer a 2 stroke engine oil specially formulated to cut deposits in the crank case that can be an issue when using lower quality fuel sources.

As well as a great range of the best 2 stroke oil, Radmore and Tucker also have a wide selection of related products essential for getting the job done, such as 5 litre plastic measuring beakers, fuel mix bottles and a 25 litre measuring jug, all designed to help make refilling your garden machinery easier and cleaner every time. To be sure of finding the best quality 2 stroke motor oils as well as being assured of competitive prices and being able to choose from a range of products that will meet the needs of everyone from the domestic gardener to large commercial horticultural jobs, Radmore and Tucker is the best place to find whatever size, blend and price of 2 stroke engine oil you need.