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Its been said experience makes the best teacher. But when it comes to business, experience develops a leading company in its area of expertise. Radmore and Tucker is a popular name in the Gardening industry. With over 60 years experience, we can ensure we provide the top quality products for all our faithful clients.
We value our client’s forestry and gardening needs. Therefore we came up with the perfect lowering pulleys and blocks to meet all your forestry needs. A lowering and block system mainly comprises of: some pulleys, rigging plates and lowering devices.

What are the benefits of using a lowering pulley and block system? A lowering device reduces the friction caused when climbing a tree and the pulley system offers the perfect support for arborists and tree surgeons. This system will help you dismantle and section stems from large trees safely and easily.

We have a diversity of lowering devices to choose. There is Treehog THRPI Rigging Plate, ISC Medium Aluminum Rigging plate, Treehog THRP2 Rigging Plate, ISC Large Swing Check Pulley, Treehog Flying Capstan Lowering Device among others.
The pulleys we sell have been designed with hard metals like aluminium to ensure they can handle heavy cargo and extreme force and the rigging plates for the lowering devices weigh 62g and provide appropriate anchor support for mountain climbers and rescuers.
Each rigging plate in our pulley system has holes, which are large enough for a majority of karabiner gates and a smooth finishing. It helps ensure that your rope is not damaged.
Each lowering device can carry a maximum of 2000kg and they are incredibly light with each one weighing roughly 5kg. This low weight makes it easier for one person to load the device onto the tree. The rope pulley systems have a stainless steel axle that helps prevent rust. Rust can be an extremely dangerous for any arborist when trying to scale down a tall tree. The majority of our lowering pulleys have a maximum strain break of 50Kn which makes each pulley safe and able to endure a load of about 10Kn.