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We have a great selection of throw line and general throw bags, we have something to fit your most specific desires as well something for those unsure about what to wear or what's in style.  Throw line bags are a great asset for kayaking and other outdoor activities, they're very weather-efficient and are equipped to hold large quantities, easing you the pain of lumbering around heavy items hand by hand. However, this shouldn't distract from its main use and that is ensuring your safety, all of our promoted throw line bags are of a high quality and satisfy product standards.

There's no rule that says your bag can't be pretty and useful at the same time, here at Radmore & Tucker, we have fashionable and practical products for the best customer response. In addition to throw line bags, we also have general accessories like line launchers, throw pods, replacement rubber, throw line cubes and standard throw lines. Our supported brands are extremely reputable and you might've heard of them or used their products before – TreeHog, Stein and Marlow. It's a fantastic selection as every company provides top-class accessories that meet your greatest desires, concerning outdoor activities of course.

Safety is the highest priority in any kayaking, camping or general outdoor activity. With Radmore & Tucker's wide array of products, you can safeguard yourself from the typical and potential dangers of the outdoors. A throw line is one among these products, as a reminder, a throw line is mainly used as a rescue device and has a long strand of rope sowed through the top to work with the water current when thrown in. It's suitable for situations where a canoe or kayak has tipped over and the occupants have fallen into the water as a result. We recommend thoroughly browsing our selection to find the best possible throw line suited to your specific needs, it's quite irritating when you buy an excellent looking product only to find out it's not suitable for your situation when you actually try it, so conduct research and read reviews to find the accessory for you.