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If you have tree stumps in your garden they can be a little unsightly. Removing them can help make it look neat and tidy and also free up some valuable space. The best way to remove tree stumps is by using a stump grinder. This will save you the back breaking work of trying to break down the stump and remove it by hand. Make sure you fully understand how to operate the machine and wear all of the necessary PPE. Radmore and Tucker have a great selection of protective clothing, boots and goggles so have a browse through the website to find what you need. If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service advisors who will be more than happy to help.

Various models of stump grinders can be used differently so please make sure you refer to the operating instructions before you start, however there are some basic steps you would generally follow. As mentioned above, we would always recommend you kit yourself out with all the necessary PPE before you use any type of machinery. Stump grinders can be extremely dangerous so a decent pair of sturdy boots, trousers, gloves and goggles are a must. Clearing the area you are going to be working in is a good start so you can see exactly what you’re doing and there is no risk of any sticks or rocks flying up from underneath the blades.

If the stump is quite high out of the ground then it is best to use a chainsaw to lower the height, without trying to take it to ground level. This will make it easier to use the stump grinder. Again, ensure you are using the relevant PPE when using your chainsaw.

Whilst following the manufacturer instructions that came with the stump grinder, raise the grinder wheel just above the stump and cut through the wood. Reposition the wheel and repeat this process until you have cut away the entire stump to at least 10 centimetres below the surface of the ground.  You can then dispose of the wood chips and fill in the hole with whatever matches your garden, such as lawn or soil.