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Radmore and Tucker is one of the UK's largest online retailers of garden machinery. In addition to machinery and tools, we also offer a wide range of clothing and personal protective equipment for all gardening needs. All of our products are available at competitive prices and are delivered quickly anywhere in the UK mainland.

We carry clothing for all purposes, from base layer t-shirts up to outerwear. Our trousers are available in many different styles and materials, including waterproof varieties, to ensure that your legs are protected from debris, wind, and water while you are in the field. We offer jackets to keep you warm and safe. We carry jackets suitable for all weather conditions, in high visibility and ordinary varieties. We have a range of gloves, both chainsaw gloves and work gloves. Our gloves come in a range of styles and materials, which ensures that you can find a style suitable for any task and any weather. We also carry a wide variety of replacements and accessories, including belts and braces, socks and shoelaces, and even baseball caps and beanies.

Personal protective equipment is an essential part of using any power tools, and we carry everything you need to do your job safely. We offer a wide variety of eye and ear protection. Eye protection is available from a range of manufacturers, and in a variety of styles. We offer safety glasses of many styles and colours, both tinted and un-tinted. We also sell goggles and face shields, with and without integrated hearing protection. Hearing protection is available in several forms, including foam earplugs, earmuffs, and head-strapped plastic earplugs. We also offer chainsaw helmets, in styles with integrated face and hearing protection, and not, and also replacement parts for all of our products.

We carry protective footwear, too. Our boots come in a wide range of styles and materials, including waterproof and comfort designs. We are sure to have a style that fits, is suitable for your needs, and offers full protection to your feet.

We also carry specialised clothing for those working with brushcutters, including knee and leg pads, and jackets and trousers designed with extra protection, to keep you safe and comfortable while working in the presence of flying debris.