Pressure Washer Accessories

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We stock a full range of pressure washer tools and accessories to enable you to get the most out of your pressure washer and to allow you to use your pressure washer for a wider variety of applications.

We have a large range of nozzles available, from jet nozzles that deliver water in a powerful pencil spray, to nozzles that produce a 60-degree jet of water and so are suitable for much more delicate surfaces. If you need to apply a cleaning product to a surface it is worth considering the Stihl foam nozzle which delivers the product mixed with water at a pre-specified dose and in at an adjustable spray angle. In addition, we stock products designed to ensure your Stihl pressure washer performs at the peak of its capabilities. These accessories include water filters which ensure the pump is not impaired by any dirt in the water supply and nozzle protectors which guard against mechanical wear and tear.

If you looking to use your pressure washer to clean vehicles or get your outdoor areas looking their best, we can supply a wide selection of Stihl pressure washer accessories including a full selection of brushes. We stock rotating wash brushes, static wash brushes and wash brushes and surface cleaners designed to clean large areas with ease. To make these cleaning jobs easier, we also stock Stihl high pressure hose extensions to make covering a large area less arduous. We can also supply high quality Stihl hose coupling to connect multiple high pressure hoses.

Here at Radmore and Tucker we can also deliver an extensive range of spray lances that are compatible with Stihl pressure washers. These angled and extension spray lances allow the user to deliver the power of the pressure washer to hard to reach places. There is also a lance with a rotary nozzle for dealing with stubborn dirt.

We supply a range of pressure washer accessories to broaden the uses of your Stihl pressure washer. For heavy duty cleaning jobs consider the Stihl sandblasting set or the Stihl wet sandblasting set to effectively to clean both masonry and metal objects. There is also a range of Stihl pipe cleaning sets available in a variety of lengths. These pipe cleaning sets are designed to be highly flexible and can even fit into narrow pipes to help you resolve stubborn or hard to reach blockages.