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Climbing trees with ropes have always been a very rough activity even for the strongest and most proficient arborists. Each climbing rope that is advertised in this section has been designed and selected to fit the individual needs of every arborist and also respond to the needs of every job.

In this subsection, we have various static top climbing ropes for sale that consist of materials such as polyester, polyamine and Kernmantle. The selection of such materials features the classic jobs of every arborist where the flexibility, toughness, durability and enhanced abrasion resistance of the climbing rope play a major role in ensuring the safety of the worker and their equipment.

Manufactured in diameters of 11mm, 11.8mm, 12.4mm, 12.6mm and 13mm all climbing ropes on sale are compatible with most leading brands of hardware and are available in various colours. Additionally, the products are available in several fixed lengths varying from 15 to 60 meters while also orders for climbing ropes with specific lengths can also be made to meet the customer's individual needs and requirements.

More importantly, products that are provided in this section have been tested and received their CE certificate, making each individual climbing rope a reliable choice in the arborist's workplace.
Radmore and Tucker provide their customers with the ability to choose from leading brands that manufacture arboricultural climbing ropes not only in the United Kingdom but also in other countries as well, such as the Marlow, Stein and Yale.

Providing choices of such calibre and being one of the largest online Garden Machinery suppliers in the United Kingdom, we also strive to maintain our price catalogue on affordable and reasonable levels in all of our products including our climbing ropes, especially after the latest news of the European and Global Economy.

Our website includes thorough, informative and easy to read descriptions for every rope that will peak the interest of the expert eye while also inform the inexperienced customer of specific details that should be taken into consideration.