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At Radmore & Tucker, we stock a range of pruning saws that feature the most popular brand-Silky. Included in this vast collection of silky saws for sale are curved and straight blade options for domestic gardeners, arborists, horticulturalists and professional gardeners. As specialists pruning saw suppliers, our team of experts is happy to recommend the right kind of saw based the needs of the buyer.

Silky sheathed saws will take care of all your of your gardening needs whether it is outdoor recreational bush clearance or simple pruning. The Silky Gomtaro 300mm, for example, features a hard chrome-plated silky saw, making it ideal for pruning fruit trees. Trees are good at healing themselves, thus after a branch is cut, the area gets covered by callus to protect it from decay.

Silky Saws with High and Low TPI  – The blade weighs 120 grams, which is an incredibly comfortable weight for simple gardening chores. It has seven teeth that are one inch apart, which allows you to give your trees and branches a smoother cut. TPI is an acronym for teeth per inch and it affects the performance of a saw. Saws that have more teeth provide a smoother cut but make the cutting process slower. Those with fewer teeth per inch will get the job done fast but give a rougher cut. As such, saws with a high TPI are excellent for smaller branches while those with a low TPI are ideal for cutting large pieces of wood. Silky Yamabico Blade 330mm, which has teeth fitted on both sides of the blade makes an excellent combination of TPI and allows you to choose the kind of cut you want to make. It also has an impulse-hardened and taper-ground non-set tooth design that enhances the blade's durability.

If you are looking for a pruning saw with a curved blade, Silky Sugoi Saw 420mm and the Silky Zubat Saw 330mm fit this description. Curved blades tend to cut small branches better compared to straight ones. Straight blades are ideal for cutting thick branches. Silky Sugoi Saw 420mm also features among the fast-cutting saws that are designed for professional arborists and those doing forestry. Its non-slip rubber handle ensures you clean your garden for hours without getting tired. With a length of 420mm, it allows you to cut branches with larger diameters. The saw also comes with a disposable plastic insert that allows both scabbards to be easily attached to the belt. Users can sharpen this blade using a feather edge file and if damaged, it can be replaced by removing the screw.