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There are very few gardening tools which are as essential as the wheelbarrow. Not only will these devices save a great deal of back-breaking labour, but a sturdy construction ensures that they can haul massive amounts of material from one location to another with a great deal of safety. Radmore & Tucker is pleased to be able to supply numerous types of wheelbarrows and each is associated with its own unique advantages.

There are times when a lightweight wheelbarrow is the perfect solution for smaller tasks such as minor gardening. Plastic is the ideal option, as it can stand up to the elements and the unit itself is easy to manipulate.
Larger jobs require a wheelbarrow that is up to the task. Utilising a wheelbarrow with robust dimensions ultimately leads to fewer trips hauling material and as a result, the job can be completed quicker. Common applications include gardening, home renovations and some types of construction projects. As always, Radmore and Tucker is here to assist.
If you have a one-off task that needs to be finished within a specific time frame, why not select from one of the many small wheelbarrows for sale? These are perfectly capable of handling a variety of requirements and if space it at a premium, they can be easily stored away.

Heavy-duty wheelbarrows are able to stand up to the test of time. Thanks to a resilient construction the the use of only high-quality materials, you can rest assured in the knowledge that this tool will last for years. Hauling dirt, transporting bricks and removing rubbish from a job site are only a few of the applications which a heavy-duty wheelbarrow will be able to tackle in no time at all.

Radmore & Tucker is pleased to supply various  wheelbarrows for sale. Still, let us keep in mind that these cost-effective solutions are still rated as the finest in the industry. We have been providing outdoor gardening solutions since 1955 and during this time, customers have grown to trust our products. Please take a closer look at these wheelbarrows and we can always be contacted in the event that you have additional questions.