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Keeping your chainsaw sharp and well maintained will not only make your job easier, it will also make it far safer. A poorly maintained saw will operate with reduced precision, increased transfer of vibration to the operator and the vastly increased possibility of a dangerous kickback. A well maintained saw, by contrast, will have a longer lifespan and will operate safely and efficiently, saving you both fuel and time. Whether you’re a professional or an occasional user, maintenance is the one area you cannot afford to neglect.

A sharp chain is easy to accomplish with the right equipment and we have a complete selection of tools from bench mounted sharpeners for workshop use, to files and guides for use in the field. Correct use of one of our guides will ensure that you get precision results even in the most difficult of conditions and we stock auxiliary tools, such as stump vices, helping you to turn the forest into your workbench.

Different chains require different gauges, files and guides so ensure that you check your saw’s documentation carefully and select the correct tools for your saw. Alternatively, if your chain has developed cracks or has worn out completely, then you can find replacement chains in our Bars and Chains department.

Our sharpening equipment is carefully selected by our in-house professionals and is taken from the ranges of some of the largest and best chainsaw manufacturers. Our approach is to focus on quality and value and we aim to bring you the best tools available at the best prices. We don’t want to keep you waiting for your tools so we offer rapid, free delivery on all orders over £100 (ex. VAT) and competitive delivery options on smaller orders. If you need your tools on the same day, then you can buy online and pick up from our shop or you can drop in and see our full range before you buy.

If you would like any advice on sharpening your chain, on general maintenance or just on selecting the correct sharpening equipment then our experienced staff are happy to help. Just get in contact with us by phone, via email or drop into our shop for face-to-face advice.