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If you value the look of a lush green lawn but are less keen on the back-breaking and repetitive chore of lawn maintenance, we have a solution for you. Scarifiers, sometimes called electric rakes or dethatchers, eliminate the hard work and reduce the time spent in maintenance. Healthy lawns require good drainage. Dried grass clippings and moss sitting on the surface of your lawn prevents life-giving air, water and nutrients from getting into the soil. Also, puddling on the lawn damages grass root systems. This handy garden tool cuts through debris and moss on your lawn cleanly and leaves the grass healthy and almost weed-free.

Now that you’re ready to get serious about your landscaping, let’s talk about the different types. Radmore and Tucker has both electric- and petrol-driven scarifiers. Electric scarifiers are a sound investment for mossy lawns that are about 100 to 250 square metres. In addition to conditioning the surface, an electric scarifier supports healthy grass growth by removing the competition, those pesky weeds and moss.

Petrol-driven sacrifiers are your best bet for rejuvenating larger lawns over 250 square metres, lawns with very thick moss, and ornamental lawns. A petrol scarifier is designed for heavy-duty usage and will cut through dense moss and thick patches of weeds. Petrol scarifiers are also better for ornamental lawns as they are capable of sharp cuts that do less damage to lawn surfaces.

An average lawn will need scarifying once a year. If your grass is in poor condition, consider twice a year. The best time to condition your lawn is when your grass is in its growing phase, typically late spring and early autumn. This method ensures the grass receives the hydration, oxygen, and nutrients when most needed. A little planning ahead will maximize the benefits of the process. A few days before using the scarifier, inspect the area for debris and live moss. Removing live moss ahead of time reduces the chances of spreading the moss around.