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Are you looking for tree-climbing equipment? For arborists, tree surgeons, and anyone else who needs to climb trees and wants to do it securely, Radmore and Tucker offer all the equipment you could need, ensuring that you are safe and comfortable while you're off the ground. Among our selection, you'll find a wide range of strong, heavy-duty, waterproof bags for keeping your kit safe and dry in all weathers. And of course, you can also get your hands on everything that you'll need to put into your kit bag, from extending retrievers to lowering ropes.

For the new climber, Radmore and Tucker also have several options of complete tree-climbing kits. You can get all the basics that you'll need – harnesses, karabiners, pulleys, slings, kit bags, and so on – in one convenient package, ideal for anyone who is just getting started in this field.

We strongly believe in Safety First – and this is reflected in our extensive range of equipment designed to keep you secure. Our climbing ropes will ensure that you are safe in a tree, and we offer some of the strongest and best harnesses on the market. All of our climbing equipment – including climbing spikes, lanyards and flip lines, and rope grabs – is designed to be safe, and we have a range of karabiners on offer to keep everything securely in place. You'll find that we have the right karabiner for every situation – connecting throwlines, holding tools, and whatever else you may need.

Of course, you can never be too careful when you're working in a field that involves climbing trees. So for that reason, we also offer a range of portable first aid kits, small enough to fit comfortably into your backpack and make sure that you are well-prepared in the event of an accident. It's better to be safe than sorry, and with the first aid kits and rescue equipment – including knives and rescue whistles – we have on offer, you'll definitely be safe.

Finally, to ensure success in your arboriculture endeavours, we also offer a range of rigging and lowering equipment, including ropes, slings and other hardware. No matter what you're looking for when it comes to tree-climbing equipment, we're sure that you'll find it at Radmore and Tucker.