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Electric shredders are ideal for both domestic and commercial use. They process raw materials such as tree hedges and shrubbery waste into small, easy to dispose of pieces. Their manoeuvrability, lightweight design and safety features make them ideal for use for everyone, from amateurs right through to experienced landscapers and gardeners.

Electric shredders fall into two categories. Rapid (or impact) shredders offer a simple design which works by slicing material over cutting blades as it is fed into an aperture. The rapid shredders tend to be lightweight and easily manoeuvrable. They can cope with green, sappy material such as leaves and hedge cuttings.

Other electric shredders are self-feeding and are perfect for branches and woody material and use a spiral cutting mechanism. This results in the material being both sliced and ground against a plate, although they may struggle more with green, sappy material as they may become blocked. To counteract this, most of them have a reverse action, that allows the user to reverse the blades to release any trapped material.

Our discount electric shredders for sale are ideal for breaking down large branches, shrub cuttings and conifers to be converted into waste that is easily compostable. Whole branches, twigs and cuttings may take a long time to break down in a compost bin, whereas the small pieces created by electric shredders not only save on space in the compost bin, it also encourages faster composting. Being able to place the waste in a compost bin saves the need to take it to a recycling centre, or having a bonfire. Even if you do not wish to compost the waste created by the electric chipper, the resultant material is reduced in volume by 80%-90%, allowing it to be disposed of much easier and cheaper than un-shredded waste.

We offer great prices on garden shredders and chippers in the UK, with rapid delivery to the UK mainland. Whether you are planning on some domestic work in your own back garden, or work as a landscaper or tree surgeon, an electric garden waste shredder is a vital piece of equipment to deal with your waste.