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The world of the forestry specialist or the arborist often conjures up images of tools such as powerful chainsaws and tree rigging kits. However, always having a trusted bush hook at one's side has been considered essential for centuries. As the name may already suggest, this type of cutting implement consists of a long blade punctuated by a hook at the end. The hook not only serves as a means to snare vines and undergrowth, but it can also be utilised when grabbing materials such as logs is required. As the user will not have to employ his or her hands, a greater level of safety can be enjoyed. Bush hooks can also be used by firefighters who need to clear away undergrowth to create a life-saving firebreak.

The forestry industry represents one of the most challenging job descriptions on the planet. Not only must workers possess a great deal of experience to guarantee their safety, but they need to be equipped with only the latest and most trusted equipment. Thanks to over 60 years of experience, Radmore & Tucker is pleased to be able to supply the most reliable materials manufactured from the best brand names in the business. One of our areas of expertise involves bush hooks. Why are these traditional tools so essential, what are their primary features and why should Radmore & Tucker represent your go-to source?

Radmore & Tucker have paired up with some truly stellar brand names and we are pleased to be able to supply bush hooks manufactured by STIHL. These Swiss-style bush hooks are constructed with a layered leather handle in order to ensure superior levels of comfort while simultaneously reducing impact stresses on the hand and the wrist. A small leather lanyard is likewise present to guarantee that the tool will not be accidentally lost during the workday. As the blade itself is constructed from durable steel, years of continuous use with only a minimal amount of maintenance are additional benefits not to be overlooked.

Anyone who has been searching for a reliable and fully functional bush hook should look no further than Radmore & Tucker. However, please keep in mind that there are numerous other quality products available at the click of a button. Please contact us if you have any additional questions or enquiries.