Socks & Laces

Are you looking for high-quality and fitting chainsaw protective socks and laces? Here at Radmore & Tucker we are happy to be able to offer you a notable variety of protective foot wear.

Chainsaws have been known to cause very bad accidents, even deaths. We know that the chainsaw needs to be used carefully and in the sober mind, but do you mind the dangers of the chips of wood jumping all over the place? One sharp wood chip is all it takes to have your employees' movements limited for a few days. Using regular socks causes blisters and bruises that can develop into infections.

We all understand that protected employees are happier, thus more productive in the field. So how do you ensure that your employees' feet are safe whenever they are using a chainsaw?

Radmore & Tucker has a weight of experience and a solid reputation, when it comes to supplying grade chainsaw socks and laces. You can rest assured that all our pairs of socks are made from a blend of fine materials.

Using the chainsaw, especially for long hours can result in hot, sweaty feet. We all agree that it is awfully uncomfortable to work in clammy and possibly smelly feet. This is where we come in. Radmore & Tucker provides socks and laces that are fit for all weathers, even summer. We have checked to confirm that all our socks have moisture and optimum temperature regulation.

We have a selection of long-lasting chainsaw protective socks for you to choose from. It is in our aisles that you will find chainsaw socks with significantly reinforced heels and toes. Buy any of our socks now, to guard your whole foot; from the flex zone at the front of your ankles to the heel and your toes.

We provide only customer-worthy socks to ensure that you remain comfortable, throughout the day. Please, be confident that all our socks have been softened instep to help protect you against bruises and blisters. Your feet will also feel comfy on the shock-absorbing padding at the foot bed.

Socks are not enough on their own. While using the chainsaw, you will also need to ensure that the boots are well tied, using any of our strong and durable laces.