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It is a well-known fact that the forestry industry is not associated with brute force alone. On the contrary, the modern worker needs to be provided with superior levels of safety while not accidentally damaging trees that are otherwise healthy. One of the ways in which both of these issues can be addressed is through the use of what is known as a friction saver. Often referred to as cambium savers or false crotches, these unique accessories provide a number of interesting benefits. Radmore & Tucker appreciates that nothing but the best will do in terms of climber safety and durability. Thankfully, there are a number of different options to choose from.

The typical cambium saver is intended to perform a few basic tasks. First, it is designed to protect a tree from the unintentional damage that may otherwise be caused by a standard climbing line. These units also provide an extra level of gripping power; helping to ensure safe ascents and descents. Another important benefit is that cambium savers will help to dramatically extend the lifespan of a traditional climbing line. They reduce instances of fraying and are an excellent investment from a financial point of view.

Every arborist possesses his or her unique climbing style. Thus, our cambium savers are intended to suit various weights and dimensions. For example, the overall lengths of these units can vary. Some are 90cm long while others can extend up to 120cm. It should already be a foregone conclusion that only the most modern of materials are utilised within their construction. Heavy-duty polyester webbing, nylon sheaths, reinforced stitching and reliable steel rings are a handful of the accessories that will ensure the safety of the climber at all times. Additional options include high-visibility patterns and colour-coded rings for easy identification when working at heights or during low-light conditions.

Radmore & Tucker firmly believes that there is no place for second-rate equipment when referring to the modern forestry industry. We therefore choose to work with only the best firms in the business today. Our team supplies products designed by well-known manufacturers such as Stein and Treehog, so quality is never an issue.

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