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When working outdoors with chainsaws and machinery, it is vital to have a first aid kit in case of any accidents. Health and safety regulations stipulate that you must have a first aid kit as part of your equipment if you are working in environments that may lead to injuries, such as with landscaping or tree surgery. Our first aid kits are ideal to keep tucked in your work bag or van or to have within the house if you are performing your own gardening needs. The first aid kits are for forestry and arborist use and we offer the best prices within the UK with rapid delivery to UK mainland.

Most of our discount first aid kits are in line with the directive from AFAG. The AFAG is the Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group and is part of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee. They provide advice on all aspects of tree working, including the requirement for suitable first aid kits.

Our range includes first aid refill kits, that allows you to just purchase additional items either as they are used or as a top up, to save you having to buy a full kit. Our small first aid kits are suitable for use for one man, with single items such as gauzes, plasters and bandages. Our larger first aid kits offer great value for money and will have multiples of each item in.

For great discounts on first aid kits, our bleed control kits are an essential item for all forestry and arborial work. Small kits are ideal for minor injuries that result in moderate blood loss, whereas our larger kits are suitable for more severe injuries involving serious or heavy blood loss. When working with machinery or chainsaws, a blood loss kit in addition to a regular first aid kit is an essential addition to your work supplies.

In addition to selling cheap first aid kits for work, we also sell individual items that should be essentials in your work equipment. This such as haemostatic granules to halt blood loss, and saline solutions to use as eye baths are important additions to ensure the health and safety of yourself and your employees when working on site.

Never be caught out by an unexpected injury, and purchase any of our first aid kits for work to ensure you meet regulations and are protected against sudden accidents or injuries.