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Trees and shrubs are everywhere, and someone has got to trim them – such an important duty requires the right equipment. At Radmore & Tucker, our chainsaw and tree care selection is one of the parts of our business that we're the most proud of. We stock all our offerings from top industry brands such as Stihl, Husqvarna and Makita, and our staff's years of expertise allow us to help our customers find the perfect products to meet their needs.

Electric chainsaws are helpful home and garden tools best suited for lighter domestic tasks. These models use electrical power for their fuel, so there's no need to worry about keeping petrol on hand. They are also weigh less than conventional chainsaws and are easy to handle as well as quieter than other alternatives. Capable, efficient, and environmentally friendly, they are perfect for those with a small garden area to tend.

Sometimes, though, you just can't count on being close enough to an electrical outlet to be able to rely on it, or you might need a little extra power to saw through particularly thick or tough materials. For those needs, you can rely on an good old-fashioned petrol chainsaw to get the job done. These chainsaws are ideal for doing work in wooded areas, remote spots, and anywhere else where a long power cable could prove cumbersome. These saws are some of our most popular items and are a good fit for most applications.

Our final variety of saw is the top handle chainsaw, meant to be used at steep heights. Please note that these tools are intended for commercial use only and are not considered highly dangerous for casual users – trained arborists, however, will find our offerings highly satisfactory. We carry a full complement of these powerful lightweight saws that will serve you well up in the treetops.

Beyond the saws themselves, this section is also home to a wide variety of chainsaw accessories, including sawhorses to make cutting large objects safer and easier, tools for making adjustments and doing maintenance, and even reference books to help you with tricky tasks. We also stock replacement parts and storage items to help make your saws last as long as possible, as well as sharpeners to keep them in peak condition. Whatever chainsaw or tree care-related item you need, you'll find it here at Radmore & Tucker.