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Our incredible range of Kombi Tool Systems is guaranteed to offer everything you need for garden and home maintenance all under one roof. Multi-tools and the general all-in-one concept are extremely popular, making things easier and more streamlined in all areas of our lives by using one tool with a choice of functions and attachments to manage a variety of tasks. Offering maximum versatility for your home and garden, this range features the base units and motors as well as a diverse selection of attachments for a wide range of tasks in all areas of property maintenance. Compact and easy to store and transport, these tools are perfect for professional contractors, maintenance teams and even domestic use; eliminating the need for collections of tools for specific tasks. Our range features powerful engines and professional quality combined with particular focus on ease of use.

We ensure to keep a wide range of stock to cater to all your needs, with Kombi and Multi-Tool Engine Units and a large range of attachments to accomplish a wide range of domestic and professional level tasks. We offer competitive prices and promise fast delivery to anywhere on the UK mainland, so with the range of products and prices available, you will be able to find the tool to tackle any task around your property.

The beauty of the Multi Tool and Kombi system range is the versatility, not just in the jobs that they can do for you, but even in the selection and buying process. You can start by selecting the engine which best meets your power requirements before selecting from the many optional attachments available. Our line of Kombi tool products include a variety of extensions apart from the traditional trimmer head, turning the same tool into a blower, pole saw, power sweeper, hedge trimmer and edger, all with minimal fuss. Meanwhile, the multi-tools allow for precision planting, dethatching moss and matted growth from your lawn, soil cultivation and aerating your lawn, plus much more. You also have the flexibility of buying just the attachments you need at the time, with the option to add more at a later date if your needs or circumstances change.

With selections available from trusted names such as Stihl, Honda, Husqvarna and more, you will find the tools and the prices to match your needs and have the assurance of quality that comes with those respected brands.