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Our petrol cultivators and tillers provide versatile solutions to tending flower beds, vegetable plots and lawns of every size and difficulty. Suitable for home and commercial use, we have a selection of mini-tillers that are designed to be lightweight to manoeuvre and compact enough to take up very little storage space. These models are convenient and controllable when working in awkward or confined areas, ensuring that every project can be completed.

Mini-tillers are available with weights as low as 12kg. A choice of engine sizes and rotational speeds, combined with variable working widths, means that even the most difficult overgrown areas can be quickly cleared. All tine speeds will produce excellent tilling results, but a slower tine speed of 135rpm will break soil to a much finer tilth, proving ideal for cultivating beds set aside for growing vegetables from seed.

All have adjustable handles that can be matched to the user's height and easy to access hand controls. Other safety features include adjustable break bars and dead man's clutches. Handles are ergonomically designed to minimize the impact of vibration when being operated. Some models have a versatile reverse action and even include plant guards to protect existing shrubberies.

We also stock more powerful petrol cultivators and tillers that weigh approximately 37kg. These are perfect for commercial use or for the home gardener with much larger areas of land to tend. Featuring adjustable handles and the dead man's clutch for safety, they are comfortable to use and manoeuvre. Features include chain driven rotors and counter-rotating tines that can easily break through compacted, neglected lawns and large, densely overgrown sites. Deep digging capabilities make them especially suitable for the preparation of larger vegetable plots. Wheels include chevron tyres for improved grip and control on rugged terrain. Maintenance of the tillers themselves is made easier through carburetor drains and snorkel air cleaners.

Accessories, including replacement digging tines, will enable any cultivator or tiller to quickly deal with garden chores, particularly lawn care, with a minimum of effort. The following can be purchased individually or together as a complete lawn care kit. A border edger attachment trims lawn edges to a neat, crisp line. For a lawn on heavier soil that retains too much moisture, an aerator provides vital oxygen and drainage. A de-thatching tool swiftly removes vast quantities of debris that chokes lawns by depriving them of air and water.