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Pole pruners are must-have tools for anyone in the gardening or forestry business. A pole pruner simplifies the task of cutting tall bushes and trees. You can easily reach for branches that are too high overhead without straining your arms and neck. We have pole pruners to suit different gardening and landscaping requirements whether you are a professional or amateur. These pruners are built from quality material that guarantees fast and safe cutting. We offer a choice of fixed-length and telescoping pruners for various cutting jobs, and our range of petrol and electric pruners are from top brands, including STIHL, Makita and Husqvarna.

Pole pruners that are powered by petrol have fuel-efficient engines, which means that you don’t incur a lot of running costs in terms of fuel. We carry low-emission petrol pole pruners to ensure that the carbon footprint is minimal. Our pole pruners are ergonomically designed so that users don’t have a problem cutting with them for a prolonged period. The cutting operation is smooth, and the handles offer firm grips. You don’t have to exert a lot of effort to take down tough branches.

The right tools don’t just make work easier; they allow you to do it safely. With a petrol pole pruner, you don’t have to climb too far up a tree to reach those high branches when trimming. The quality build of the pruners provides durable tools that won’t disappoint in the middle of a task. Pole pruners are lightweight to ensure that you can lift one above the head comfortably with little risk of bodily harm. With the proper maintenance, our pole pruners last a long while, giving you value for money.

In some instances, tweaking the design of a pole pruner with a few accessories is necessary to make it more efficient. A harness, for example, allows you to strap the pruner to your person so that you can move it with more ease. You can get a quick release bracket to improve the functioning of a telescopic pruner. Lopper attachments, protective pruner covers, and pole pruner bars are some other accessories that one may want to get.

Look through our category of pole pruners, and you will find tools with some of the best steel blades and cutting technology on the market, assuring you of quality and safe cuts. Make your arboriculture or gardening tasks more convenient with our pole pruners and accessories.