Garden Hand Tools & Accessories

Here at Radmore & Tucker we have an extensive range of garden hand tools and accessories, all perfect to help keep your garden looking neat and tidy. Pruning is an essential gardening skill to help encourage healthy growth and flowering as well as maintaining a healthy look. Our selection of pruners and secateurs will have everything you need to help ensure your garden looks well kept. You can choose from our selection of sturdy spades and shovels for any groundwork that needs doing, but for the more delicate work involved in maintaining your flower beds, our selection of trowels, forks and edger’s will ensure everything stays looking neat and tidy.

Getting rid of the weeds will make the world of difference and can also help create and maintain a crisp edge to your lawn. Our range includes a wide selection of long handled tools which will help you avoid stooping and bending down, saving you from any back pain or discomfort. If you prefer to get a closer look at what it is you’re weeding, we also supply short-handed weeding tools. When it comes to the clean-up job, we have plenty of rakes and brushes so you can clear off the lawn and patio. If you have a large amount of waste, a wheelbarrow can be useful to save you having to make several trips to your car or compost heap.

Alongside the usual small hand tools such as secateurs and trowels, you might sometimes find you need something a little more substantial. Power tools such as hedge trimmers and leaf blowers can make life a great deal easier and save you time and effort. If you have a larger garden you may find a cordless model more suitable as this will give you more room to manoeuvre.

At Radmore & Tucker we supply top quality products from leading brands such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Wilkinson, Corona and Bulldog, so you can rest assured you are purchasing the best of the best. We also have a great range of gloves, boots and clothing to help protect you from dirt and debris, head over to our clothing and PPE section for more information.