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We stock an attractive selection of the best tree climbing harnesses in the market to meet the requirements of all professional arborists and foresters. Our range also includes some models for sport climbing enthusiasts. We supply our harnesses in size small, medium-large and we also stock some models in extra large. We always stress the importance of ensuring the correct size fitting as a poorly adjusted harness can compromise the abilities and comfort of the user. Some styles of harnesses are solely designed for women's physiques as they have different characteristics. We recommend you ask in the store for available stock.

All of our models are equipped with a number of features to ensure the practicality and versatility a climbing harness is meant to provide and they are all made to comply with European Standards. Our brands of tree climbing harnesses are made with strong and durable materials for safety as well as comfortable support and most models come equipped with replaceable bridges and adjustable, quick-release waist and leg buckles. The design of each harness focuses on the specific needs of the work or activity to be taken on.

Our work positioning harnesses concentrate on providing maximum support and comfort on the legs and back while on suspension, as well as containing attachments for various accessories such us a flipline or a lanyard. The work positioning harnesses we stock include Treehog TH5000, Treehog Th7000 Seat, Petzl Avao Sit, Stein Vega and Stein Vega Plus which can also become a full body harness (though not to be used as a fall arrest harness). Our tree care harnesses namely, Petzl Sequoia and Skylotec Kolibri Click, offer freedom of movement and comfortable seating as the most desirable features for all arborists. Additionally, they are suited to carry bigger tools and even a chainsaw.

Two of our tree climbing harnesses, perfect for tree pruning professionals, are the Komet Butterfly 2 and the Komet Dragonfly. Both of them are light weight with a superb centre of gravity and adaptable to allow plenty of movement around the tree. Lastly, our Skylotec Record is the lightest climbing harness in the market and it is splendid for tree care as well as leisure climbing.

To complement all our harnesses we also carry a variety of accessories and replacement parts. Should you have any questions regarding our products or services please contact us and we will endeavour to help you.