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Keeping a garden neat and tidy during the autumn and winter months is much easier with a leaf blower or garden vacuum. We have a wide selection of different models from a variety of manufacturers available to purchase, so order the one that best suits your needs with confidence.

Electric leaf blowers are lightweight pieces of equipment that are easy to use – good for the average domestic garden. Just plug the leaf blower into the electric outlet and it is ready to go – these models are quiet and convenient to use. Blow the leaves, hedge clippings and grass cuttings into one area so they can be quickly swept up and placed into a recycling bin or compost heap. To make the job even easier, there are combi blowers and vacuums so garden debris can be sucked neatly into a collection bag.

For larger gardens, or for professional work, petrol blowers and vacuums are the often best option. Without the constraints of an electric cable, petrol tools are more mobile and can cover larger areas of land. If the blower is going to be used for longer periods of time, there are back pack models in the range which place the weight of the motor in a more comfortable position on the operator’s back. Petrol leaf blowers tend to be noisier than the electric blowers, so ear defenders are strongly recommended when in use. There are petrol garden vacuums available which compress the debris, meaning the collector bag needs emptying less often.

Once the best leaf blower or vacuum has been purchased, then take a look at the accessories and add-ons in our range. Different nozzles can be added to many of the blower models so the jet of air can be narrowed and concentrated making it more powerful. Curved nozzles are also available to help with specific tasks. To clear out guttering, attach the kit that has been produced especially to make this job easier. There are also replacement collector bags, dust-reducing bags and replacement straps available to keep your equipment in top working order.

We have an extensive range of electric and petrol powered leaf blowers and vacuums at competitive prices. There are tools for everyday domestic users as well has professional equipment for landscape gardeners.