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We are a supplier of the latest Ride on Mowers and Garden Tractors that make your mowing experience easy and smooth. We have different brands that are available for your different needs. Whether you want a simple Ride on Mower for your lawn or a bigger one for business, we have got you covered.

Our ride on mowers come from a variety of manufacturers so you that you have a variety to choose from such as Honda, Husqvarna, and Stihl in different designs.  We have a range to suit every purpose.

For example, the Honda HF2622HM has extra features like headlights that provide lighting when you are still working and it gets dark. It also has options to do a tidy cut, rough patch or even mulching all in one tractor. The Husqvarna R214T AWD Petrol Rider Ride on Mower on the other, is suitable for operating in all weather conditions and has a front cutting deck for easy maneuvering in bushes and under benches.
The Husqvarna TC38 Petrol Ride on Mower is specifically for mid-sized gardens for homeowners who are looking for an easy to use tractor. It is suitable for use in narrow passage roads. With extra accessories, you can be able to use it for moss ranking and edging.

We also have accessories to make your mowing easier. We have products such as tractor covers for protecting your mower from rain and dirt. It has drawstrings that enable you to adjust the size of the cover to fit your Ride on Mower.
If your tractor comes without a mulching kit, then you can get one from the different supplies available. We have smart chargers that are safe such that you can charge the battery while it’s still inside the vehicle.
BioClip plug is another accessory available. It enables you to cut grass into tiny pieces that immediately decompose, and used as a fertilizer for your lawn. Some rides on mowers come with preinstalled BioClip plugs while others do not.