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Here at Radmore and Tucker we have an outstanding range of electric lawnmowers for sale to cater for all individual needs and budgets. We specifically seek out and sell models that are ultra reliable, efficient and economical. Mowing your lawn should be a pleasure, not a chore and the models we stock will ensure that mowing your lawn is an enjoyable experience. Our varied range will ensure that you are able to find the ideal model for you and your lawn.

For the smaller gardens, we offer a wide range of compact and light yet durable models, such as the Hayter Spirit 41 and Viking ME443 . Our range of compact models offer an array of convenient features such as drop down handles, carry handles and quiet yet efficient motors: all ideal for the smaller urban garden.

We recognise the importance of efficiency and actively seek models that will minimise the work you need to put into the task. Models such as the Haytor Envoy 36 offer adjustable height of cut settings to allow for ease of cutting, whatever the territory. Our range will allow you to design and maintain the lawn of your dreams. Alongside our basic models, we stock electric lawnmowers that are able to add depth to your lawn, with the ability to add a classic striped and maintained look. In essence, you can achieve a professional lawn without paying professional prices.

For those on a budget, we stock a good selection of cheaper lawnmowers that maintain a high level of performance. Our most economical model, the Honda HRE330, comes in at a very reasonable price. We take pride in ensuring that all our electric lawnmowers are of the highest standard and specification, regardless of price.

Ultimately, we can provide you with whatever specification of electric lawnmower that you require. Our stock ensures that we have the exact cut size, weight and motor size for your needs. Along with this, you can choose your add-ons such as a removable cutting box, adjustable arms and detachable cables. Please enjoy browsing our stock and we will be happy to discuss your needs further should you require. We look forward to hearing from you.