Ride On Mowers

Lawn mowing can be a tedious and boring task for anyone, but with a ride on mower, you can turn this rather uninteresting task to a fun-filled one. With a ride on mower, you do not need to push the mower and walk all around your lawn to trim and keep it neat. In the UK, ride on mowers are becoming very popular and people are ditching the traditional lawn mower, so browse our range now for options to suit all needs and budgets.

A ride on mower is a small tractor that has a rotary mower combined with it. It is usually powered by one engine that turns the wheels and blades. You can manoeuvre your ride on mower to move forward or backwards and some ride on mowers can even turn in place, allowing them to cut the grass precisely without bumping into obstacles. If you are driving over gravel, you can easily turn off the blades until you get to a grassy area.

Many people prefer using a big ride on mowers for bigger lawns as opposed to using rotary devices that usually cut grass in thinner sections. Rotary mowers are also laborious, heavy, not easy to move around, slower and have a smaller deck. The new ride on mowers comes with sophisticated accessories to lessen your mowing troubles.

These mowers come with two side-by-side blades that rotate horizontally under a deck. These blades turn at a very high speed and cut the grass as they do so. The deck’s purpose is to ensure that no sticks or debris fly from underneath as this could lead to bodily injuries or damage your property. The grass clippings also get channeled out from the sides. Before using a ride on mower, you can easily adjust the blade heights so that you can comfortably control the length of grass to be mowed.

You will find ride on mowers in different sizes. Whether you choose to go for a small ride on mower or a large ride on mower will depend on the size of your lawn and your financial capabilities. Some large ride on mowers comes with a different system for cutting grass. They have vertical rotating blades, unlike their smaller counterparts whose blades rotate horizontally.  We have all sorts of new ride on mowers.

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