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Radmore and Tucker is an experienced supplier of online garden machinery in the UK including two-wheel tractors for use in your garden. You can use the tractors for tilling and other purposes. You can add attachments to the tractor. Such farm equipment include ploughs, trailers, and harvesters among others. The tractors serve as carriers to the farm implements. The tractors are therefore economical and can help multiple functions on your farm from cultivating, harvesting to weed removal. An operator usually walks behind the tractor or rides on the farm implement.

Depending on your need and use of the two-wheel tractor, you can fit numerous implements during agricultural production. You can install ploughs, harrows, harvesting ploughs, planters, and seeders. During weed removal and control you can connect sprayers on your two-wheel tractor. At the harvesting time, your tractor can pull grain harvesters, a combine harvester, and mowers among other harvesting equipment. For transportation purposes, you can attach trailers with a cargo capacity of fewer than 5 tonnes to your two wheel tractor.
Additionally, you can utilise your tractor for garden cultivation and landscaping. The tractors at Radmore and Tucker are highly versatile. You can also use the tractors for ice removal at your home. It can pull implements such as snowblowers or dozer blades to assist you clearing any ice in your garden.

At Radmore and Tucker, you will find various powerful tractors which you can attach multiple farm attachments. The two-wheeled tractors at our shop include BCS 710 which is a simple machine to use and operate to till your garden. It is a multipurpose tractor, quick and efficient. Another two-wheeled tractor available for purchase is the BCS 728 which has additional gear speeds as compared to BCS 710. The tractor can undertake farm works such as land clearing, cultivation and cutting.
We also have the BCS 738 tractor which can have a variety of implements attached including ridges, ploughs, and mowers among others. The tractor is ideal for the harvesting of crops. It is also useful during weed control. Another powerful tractor available for order and delivery is the BCS 740. It offers unrivalled performance and is multifunctional.