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As Devon's foremost specialist in garden-based machinery, Radmore & Tucker takes great pride in providing the best lawn-mowing equipment available on the market. We recognise one thing will not necessarily work for every customer – we all have our own preferences and sensibilities – so we make sure to offer a range of different, unique types of products to suit different types of people.

A big part of your decision may be whether the lawnmower uses petrol as fuel or is powered by electricity. Either way, we can meet your needs with our range of available products. If you're not quite sure yet, you may be wondering what the main differences are between them? We can help out with too.

Petrol mowers – generally considered to have the advantage over electric mowers in terms of greater power and distance range, petrol lawnmowers would be suitable for those who like a little more control over their mowing, with a handlebar-based throttle control allowing you to adjust the engine speed and intensity. However, bear in mind that they'll require frequent maintenance, such as changing the engine oil, cleaning or replacing the air filter and spark plug.  If you don't mind this and prefer the more hands-on approach, a petrol mower could be the right choice for you.

Electric mowers – These are much quieter than petrol mowers. You can get both corded and cordless models; of course, the corded option will mean your range is more limited. The cordless electric mower, while being more practical, will be less powerful than a petrol mower; though you will also have an easier time changing the battery, especially if it's on the outside of the mower.

In addition, we also provide Auto Mowers. If you're unable to deal with the time investment or simply don't have the energy required to mow the lawn yourself, these may be the perfect lawnmower variation for you. Known as 'robotic mowers', they're contained by a border wire inside which is the area to be mowed (with distance defined by you) and are becoming increasingly popular in today's market. They'll go about the business of mowing your lawn in no time with barely any input required on your part, and they're even capable of self-charging.

Remember to browse the full range of our mowing products while trying to find the one that suits your own specific needs. If you want only the very best lawn-mowing and garden machinery in Devon and the surrounding areas, make Radmore & Tucker your first choice.