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Modern garden machinery design ensures that today’s landscaping and gardening tools are more efficient and maintenance free than ever before. The availability of powered garden machinery has also dramatically increased in recent years. Both commercial and home users can now rely on a wide range of powered tools that can tackle many jobs. These tools and machines are designed to operate in tough and demanding environments.

But what will you do when your lawnmower, strimmer, brushcutter, chainsaw, chipper, shredder or even tractor stops working? Wear or damage often occurs. You will obviously need to get that piece of machinery running as quickly as possible. On such occasions Radmore and Tucker’s online spares department is the answer.

We offer a comprehensive range of the highest quality spare parts for all your garden machinery needs. Once you know the make and model of your piece of equipment, simply search for the specific part and the place your order. It’s as easy as that! If you can’t see the spares on our site. Please contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

Your garden machinery may be in perfect working order now, but you may still need to consider spares at this time. For some types of machinery, particularly garden tools with cutting surfaces, damage is always a possibility. Lawnmower blades, chainsaw chains and brushcutter blades for example, can be easily damaged by operator misuse or unforeseen obstacles. Even under light operating conditions parts will eventually wear out.
Plan effectively for the future and order spares now that you know you are likely to need. Look to the season ahead and decide which items are most vulnerable. Get them now and you will ensure as little down time as possible in the future
Most of the powered garden machinery used today is driven by either petrol or electricity. Petrol driven tools will regularly require maintenance to ensure optimum performance. When you need to service your petrol driven equipment, we offer a complete range of spark plugs and associated engine spares. For electrically powered devices we also offer a complete range of spares.  Make sure that your garden machinery is working for you. From the unexpected to natural wear and tear – we carry the spares. We can have them to your door quickly and efficiently at the click of a button.