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If you want to make the most of your personal protective clothing you need to make sure that you look after it and treat it all with the best products. Good quality outdoor work clothing can be costly so it makes sense that you would want to maintain the quality and effectiveness by using the proper products available that can help extend the lifespan. We have carefully crafted our range of cleaning and proofing products with some of the best brands such as Nikwax, Pfanner and Arbortec. This selection of wash in cleansers, waterproofing wash-in and leather food will help keep your clothing and PPE in top shape, ensuring you stay protected from the elements when you are working outside.

Nikwax provide a great products called Tech Wash. This is their high performance cleaner for all of your wet weather gear and due to the new formula, its effectiveness has been doubled which means you can lengthen the time needed between re-proofing your clothing. This product is designed to remove dirt and stains whilst reviving the water repellency and optimising the performance of all of your wet weather gear. Using this product couldn’t be simpler, just place your wet weather gear in the machine (a maximum of 2 products per wash is recommended), pop in the advised amount of cleanser based on your water hardness/softness and run the wash as per the clothing care label instructions.

Another of their great products we provide in this category is the TX.Direct Wash In. Once used, this product develops a water repellency on your clothing upon drying. Its unique formula has been specifically designed to leave a flexible water repellent treatment on the fibres which helps ensure your clothing remains breathable but waterproof. As with the Tech Wash, this product can be used in the washing machine by placing a maximum of 2 garments in the machine with 100ml per item. Wash on a 30°C synthetic cylcle with a slow spin. For any clothing or items that aren’t machine washable then you can use the TX.Direct Spray On which is easy and quick to apply.

At Radmore and Tucker we supply the best quality clothing and outerwear so it only makes sense that we supply the best products to go alongside them.