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Our excellent range of ropes and cords is invaluable for anyone working in the climbing and construction sectors. These high quality products will be of great use to everyone from tree surgeons to construction workers engaged in rigging activity.

When dealing with any kind of work with ropes and high places, safety is of paramount concern. That is why this range is made up of ropes and cords from only the best manufacturers: brands such as Marlow, Stein, Yale, and Treehog. All of the ropes come with a CE quality mark, so you know that you will be able to rely on them whether you are using them for professional work or for an at-home gardening or maintenance job.

Before making a purchase from this range, make sure to double check the maximum breaking load of the rope that you are buying, so that you will know which weights will be safe to use it with. Needless to say, ropes and cords should never be loaded beyond their maximum recommended loads.

This selection consists of all kinds of ropes and cords, ranging from split tails for climbing and rigging, to pre-tied knots, eye slings, prusik loops (for attaching cords to loops of rope), and varying lengths of coloured friction rope. In addition, there are various accessory cords which can be deployed for simple tying work (for instance, tying back tree branches during gardening work or tree surgery, or securing loads of timber or other material).

This extensive collection of ropes and cords provides you with products with all different lengths, colours, and diameters, all of them strongly sewn and carefully tested for their ability to bear weights. As a result, whether you want a slim 8 mm cord for light tying work or a 16 strand braided friction rope for secure climbing, this collection will have something that perfectly suits your project.

Riggers and tree surgeons, climbers and other rope workers, are all able to tie their own knots. Nevertheless, if there are certain types of knot that you use frequently, purchasing a pre-tied knot can be a wonderful way to maximise the efficiency of your work.