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There are two main advantages to using a top-handle chainsaw. Lightweight design and maneuverability. These two design advantages allow them to be used by arborists and other professionals to effectively and safely reach difficult locations. They are also designed to allow balanced operation with one hand by properly trained, skillful professionals taking all the necessary precautions.

All the top-handle chainsaws we stock here at Radmore & Tucker are designed and engineered for optimal balance whilst being light and powerful enough to allow you the flexibility to work from any angle, especially when you’re working in challenging situations up in the trees.

More traditional, heavier, rear-handle chainsaws are more suitable for operation on the ground and should not be used at height unlike top-handle chainsaws. But it is also worth noting that since top-handed chainsaws are specifically designed to be used in elevated positions, they are not as suitable for extensive wood cutting on the ground.

So if you’re an arborist or a professional chainsaw user who does work off the ground in jobs that include landscaping, tree service, road maintenance and tree surgery, one of these top-handled chainsaw models will definitely be suitable for you. Each of the quality products in the range we offer has been chosen carefully by our experienced team of experts to offer the best combination of value for money and features.

This range comes from Makita, Echo, Husqvarna and Stihl, all top quality chainsaw manufacturers located in Germany, Japan and Sweden, so rest assured that they each offer robust design, high levels of reliability and excellent build quality. They range in power, weight and price to suit your application and needs, from 22cc to 37cc capacity motors, from 740w to 1.8kw power output.

Choose from the world's lightest and most compact design to more powerful models with easy start technologies. Naturally, they all feature comfortable grips and come in a variety of sizes to provide the optimum control and confidence you would expect. We’re confident that you will be able to find the most suitable top-handle chainsaw model for your application and needs in this carefully selected range.