Work Boots

Work boots make an essential work gear for people working in construction sites, driving delivery trucks, as well as those in careers such as landscaping and carpentry. Work boots not only protect your toes from injury but also enhance stability and traction on various surfaces and environments. Work sites are filled with hazards, and on-site injuries make the most common kind of injuries. Most often, they are caused by the lack of the appropriate footwear at work. If you are wondering where to get good work boots, Radmore & tucker values the safety of your feet at the workplace, hence provides stylish men's and women's work boots for you to wear.

Protective toes make an important feature when buying work boots. A good place to buy work boots should stock steel toe waterproof work boots for men and women as they are designed to improve comfort and fit while protecting your feet. Modern-day steel toe work boots on sale use asymmetrical safety toes, which take on the shape of your feet and toes to reduce weight and bulk without compromising on safety.

Waterproof work boots should also be fitted with a protective sole. There are various durable materials used to create outsoles that are slip-resistant, long-lasting and protective. While some work sites require workers to choose safety soles based on their needs and working environment, understanding the different options in the market helps you make an informed decision.

Boots with an EVA midsole, for example, is designed to provide stability by dispersing weight. EVA, an acronym for ethylene vinyl acetate, is a foam-like material that is flexible, light and provides a cushion for your feet. It is also oil-resistant- an important feature for people working in construction and manufacturing settings. Boots on sale like the Stihl worker S3 boot come fitted with an EVA sole in accordance with the BS EN ISO 20345.

You also want to look at the insoles designed for the work boot as they ensure a comfortable fit. Some insoles that come with a pair of new boots may not provide adequate support for your feet. They may give you instant relief, but they often lack the structure that provides the necessary support required for the day. Men in work boots like Stihl worker S3 boot enjoy the comfort that comes with its insole as it offers great arch support regardless of the presence of flat feet or high arches.