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For the serious gardener who needs help tackling the biggest jobs, Radmore and Tucker offer a wide range of Petrol Shredders. Petrol shredders and chippers are the ideal solution if you need to work in an area with restricted access to mains power. They are also perfect for moving around the garden with ease, going from one part to another without having to worry about access to a power source.

Petrol shredders are robust pieces of equipment, which remain extra stable due to a broad chassis. These tough pieces of machinery will make light work of shredding cuttings, brush and branches. Wood fed into the knife drum is continuously chopped, eventually splitting into tiny pieces small enough to be sieved and perfect for the compost pile. The smaller fragments of wood will make for better compost and help the fertility of your garden in the future. Petrol shredders have a higher capacity than electric models, and the strongest machines can chip pieces of wood with diameters up to 100mm. They are extremely quick, too, with the most powerful models capable of shredding wood at 3,800rpm.

Fast and powerful, the best petrol shredders can weigh over 100kg and boast 10hp engines, but offer low levels of noise and reduced vibrations when compared to electric shredders. Of course, more modest models are also available in our catalogue for those who do not need quite so much power. Many models are equipped with two hoppers, one to shred and the other to chip, using a rotating blade. Petrol shredders are designed to be safe and user-friendly but of course, as with any powerful piece of machinery, proper usage demands careful attention to safety. All models of petrol shredders should not be used without eye protection and gloves, and if you are dealing with one of the more powerful models, ear defenders are also a good idea.

Some models of petrol shredder offer extra features which you might find useful, such as vacuum nozzles and feed rollers. At Radmore and Tucker, you will find a wide selection of petrol shredders, and you are sure to find one that will suit your particular needs.