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If you are looking for axes and hatchets, then we have a large range to suit almost any job. If you need to chop branches from a tree, or you have any activity that requires chopping in very little space, then a hatchet is your best bet. This is because they are generally smaller and can be used with one hand. If your job is larger, and you need a tool to fell a tree or split firewood, then one of our quality axes is sure to fit the bill.

Whatever your arborist or forestry requirements, we can supply the perfect hatchet for your needs. We stock both Husqvarna and Stihl, so if quality is what you are after at an excellent price, then look no further. Our range includes the Husqvarna Hatchet, the blade of which is made from high quality Swedish steel. It has the added advantage of having a polished poll which allows it to double up as a hammer. If durability is your watchword, we also have a Stihl Universal Hatchet with a fibre-glass reinforced polyamide handle. As this is light, robust, and weather proof, it makes it easier to complete those outside jobs in inclement weather.

If you have a larger task in mind, then our good quality but also cheap axes can measure up. We have the best axes for the job whether that is the Husqvarna Splitting Axe or the Vario 2000 Felling Axe. The Splitting Axe is a more powerful tool made for splitting larger logs, whereas the Vario 2000 is really heavy duty and is more suitable for felling large trees.

When you are outside working, you will probably need more than one tool to complete your job. We also supply this versatile tool holder which neatly fits onto either a tool belt or normal belt. Being able to keep your frequently used tools to hand is essential, and with this holder, your axes or even chainsaws can be hooked onto the belt for easy access.

At Radmore and Tucker, you can rest assured that our 60 years of experience in the garden equipment arena stands us in good stead. All our products, including our hatchets and axes, are of exceptional quality and will serve you well should you decide to buy from us.