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Working in your garden is fun, relaxing and therapeutic. If you’re lucky to have a reasonable sized garden, you may even have some beautiful large trees which offer shade, beauty and sometimes food. Lifting tongs are an important tool to have after you’ve pruned your trees, removed damaged branches and you’ve formed a distinctive shape for your trees. Log lifting tongs are also essential for the lumberjack as they’re able to grip logs from pruned trees that the average person could never move on their own.

Heavy duty lifting tongs come in various sizes and have lifting capacities of between 1,500 and 3,000 lbs. Always make sure to be using certified alloy products known for their tensile strength.

The lumberjack needs different tools to tackle logs and apart from chainsaws which have made the job of cutting down- or trimming trees easier, other logging tools include log jacks, skidding tongs and lifting tongs, all serving a unique purpose. Timber lifting tongs allow the lumberjack to lift logs and move them to where they are needed.

Removing overgrown trees from your property can be physically demanding and while a chainsaw will cut down the trees, without lifting tongs for logs, lifting- and moving them becomes another matter altogether.

The basic tools of moving logs hasn't changed much, performing the same functions, except that modern technology has allowed for improvements in terms of speed, strength and reliability. Lifting tongs for wood is made that much easier with logging tongs that have a swivel point which allows the tongs to open their teeth and to tighten down on the log.

Lifting tongs have to be powerful if you want to get the job done efficiently and you, therefore, need to choose your lifting tongs suppliers with great care. Radmore and Tucker are one of the largest online Garden Machinery suppliers in the UK, stocking and supplying forestry equipment which includes purpose-built forestry tools from leading brands such as Husqvarna and which are strong and robust.

These indispensable logging tongs are made with hardened boron steel have powerful jaw opening abilities which make easy work of lifting and transporting logs.