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Here at Radmore & Tucker we stock a wide selection of breaking and impact bars by Stihl and Husqvarna – two reliable and dependable brands with a long history in the forestry industry. Used for both arborist and forestry, our breaking bars come in a variety of lengths and sizes, depending on your requirements.

Our shorter 80cm bars are more compact and feature a bent handle for extra leverage, while our longer 130cm bars provide more power for felling larger trees and also feature an extra long handle that can be used with a two-handed grip. Our breaking bars also have useful features like comfortable non-slip grips and sliding cant hooks for moving larger logs.

Made in Sweden, our selection of Husqvarna breaking bars feature a recently updated design with improved material specifications, which mean it is not only both a durable and robust product, but is comfortable to use. The handle features a specially optimised hand grip, and the teeth in the blade provide grip when inserted into the tree. An impact heel also minimises vibrations when working with a wedge. All Husqvarna breaking bars are fully forged and feature a turning hook for moving heavier logs.

The German designed and manufactured Stihl breaking bar is a heavy-duty forged felling lever specially designed for tipping tress over the felling hinge in a controlled and safe manner. Our Stihl breaking bars also feature a forged sliding cant hook for turning logs and heavy branches. All Stihl breaking bars are made from a special steel alloy, which makes them excellent, hard wearing tools that you can rely on.